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As a courtesy, to our guests, TCC provides FREE limited

WI-FI access throughout the campground.

The Service was established to provide Internet access for web browsing and email only. By law, we do collect IP addresses and save session reports. A pass code is required which can be obtained

at the campground office.

The Service is a passive, high-speed, DSL conduit to the Internet, strictly on an "AS IS", "WHERE IS", and "AS AVAILABLE" basis without any express guarantee or assurance of quality, speed, reliability or functionality. We are in a rural area and on the end of the DSL conduit and our total bandwidth available is only 1.5M.

Music and video streaming e.g. Netflix, Amazon Video, Spotify, Pandora etc., YouTube, Skype or other bandwidth intensive use will result in temporary 12-24 hour bandwidth throttling and/or suspension of service for the individual user based on recorded MAC Address. Our automated system distributes server and bandwidth resources evenly and will terminate your complimentary usage if it detects an abuse of our Terms of Use Agreement.

We kindly ask you to observe our fair access use policy. Log-off our WI-FI whenever you don’t actively use your computers, tablets and phones. Please do not let it run idle for hours on end because it will limit other guests from using this free service. 

Thank you.

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